Return Period


From the moment your order is delivered to you, your return period is 14 (fourteen) business days. Please notify us of your return request within the valid time, via customer service line or via e-mail. You can ship your product to unused, with its original packaging intact and with the user manual documents, if any. undertakes the return costs for the return transactions caused by its own shipping errors and for the return shipments to be made with the cargo companies announced on its website. In all other return requests, the shipping fee belongs to the sender.

Your product, which reaches with a return request, will be examined by the manufacturer within 30 (thirty) business days and if it is determined that there is a problem due to production, your product price will be refunded. In case of problems caused by user error in the products, the orders are out of warranty. The products are not covered by the warranty in case of problems arising from the assembly error of the products, and problems that may occur as a result of the misuse of the product.

If you made the payment to by credit card, the amount you paid will be refunded to your card. If you made the payment by wire transfer/eft, after your payment is transferred to our account, it will be returned to the account you paid to www.kariyer

As the family, priority is customer satisfaction.

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